We offer the following services:

We go to the market to the small and large leading suppliers to identify:
Best possible price and tariff
Supplier service
Length of contract based on the customers’ requirement

This is paid for by the supplier by means of a commission similar to the insurance market.

A bespoke service to suit the customer to include all the above but also

Contract Maintenance
Continuing assessment and monitoring of invoices to identify any anomalies, Monitoring of consumption.

Be a channel for the customer to resolve any energy issues with the supplier

Energy and Capital Cost Planning
Identify new opportunities and recommend new strategies as they occur.

Do feasibility studies at the request of the customer with regard to renewable energy and alternative energy sources.

This is charged as a fixed fee and is calculated on the amount of sites presented.

CF Utilities has a variety of contacts in the Telecom industry and would be pleased to recommend a Telecom Provider. Please contact us for more information.